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Invisalign Teen

Revolutionising orthodontic treatment for teens

Invisalign teen

Invisalign Teen is the same revolutionary Invisalign product with a few added benefits.

Eat and brush normally

Invisalign Teen straightens your teeth with a series of clear, removable aligners so you can continue eating, brushing and flossing the way you normally do. No need to give up your favorite foods, such as apples, popcorn, corn-on-the-cob and pizza crust. And with no braces to keep clean from food and plaque, it's easier to maintain better oral hygiene.

Free replacement aligners

One of the added benefits of Invisalign Teen is that you get up to six free replacement aligners because we know that accidents can happen. So, if you accidentally lose an aligner, you can simply replace it with one of the free aligners you have been given. (Invisalign Teen only)

Another added benefit of Invisalign Teen is that each aligner comes with a small, inconspicuous Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which helps you know if you're ready for your next set of aligners.


No metal brackets or wires

Like Invisalign, Invisalign Teen aligners contain no sharp metal brackets or wires to irritate your cheek or gums. Aligners are made of smooth plastic to increase your comfort during your orthodontic treatment.

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