How to fix your braces

Our specialist orthodontists will ensure your braces are fitted securely to your teeth; however, sometimes parts can break. Here are some solutions to fix common problems associated with braces. If you experience any of them, please be sure to contact us to arrange an emergency appointment if required.

Poking archwire

Problem: As your teeth straighten, the archwire may begin to poke out the back of your brackets or bands, causing it to rub on your cheeks.

Solution: Place some wax over the archwire and call our practice to arrange an appointment to have the wire trimmed.

Loose bands or brackets

Problem: A band or bracket could become loose if you eat hard or sticky foods, or chew on the end of a pencil.

Solution: Place wax over the band or bracket if needed and call our practice so we can arrange an appointment. Please note that appointments to fix breakages are additional appointments and usually scheduled during school and work hours. If you don’t contact us and leave this until your next scheduled appointment we cannot guarantee we will have enough time scheduled to fix the loose bracket or band.

Loose bands

Open bracket

Problem: Sometimes a bracket may open due to the pressure of the archwire, or if you have eaten hard or sticky foods.

Solution: Place your fingers either side of the bracket to make sure the archwire is properly placed into the bracket slot. Using a finger on your other hand, push the gate closed. If you are still having difficulty closing the bracket yourself, please contact our practice.

Open brackets

out of closed bracket

Problem: If the archwire has come out of the bracket but the bracket is closed, you will need to call our practice.

Solution: In the meantime, place some wax over the archwire/bracket if it is poking into the side of your cheek.

Archwire out of closed bracket

Snapped archwire

Problem: An archwire can snap if you eat hard or sticky food.

Solution: Place some wax over the snapped area and phone the practice to make an appointment.

Snapped archwire

Avoiding breakages

It is not uncommon to have one or two broken brackets during your orthodontic treatment. Breakages, when brackets come off the teeth, can slow down the progress of your orthodontic treatment. To avoid needless breakage appointments, please follow our instructions on caring for your braces. This, as well as playing with the appliances, is the major cause of broken appliances and or brackets.

Avoiding breakages

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