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Braces for children

Making orthodontics fun for our younger patients

Braces for children

It's vital that children are taught at a very early age about the importance of good dental care but brushing teeth isn't usually high on a child's list of fun things to do. That is why we include incentives for good oral hygiene and compliance in the form of games and contests.  

Modern technology

Braces and orthodontic treatments have come a long way since Torque Orthodontics first began making kids smile. The wires we use today are less noticeable and are made of advanced materials that exert a steady, gentle pressure on the teeth. The process is now faster and more comfortable.

We also use innovative orthodontic appliances, such as arch-expanders, to help address issues of teeth crowding or misaligned bites. The change can be quite dramatic and can improve oral health for a lifetime.

Child-friendly treatment

We do everything we can to make orthodontics fund for children. We use self-ligating braces for both kids and adults, but we make treatment more fun for kids by including incentives for good oral hygiene and compliance with games and competitions.

Our self-ligating bracket eliminates the need for ligatures and modules, making treatment more comfortable and reduces oral hygiene issues as the braces are easier to keep clean (no elastic bands means no plaque build-up or loose bits of food stuck in your braces). This system reduces the number of visits to the practice making treatment more effective and efficient. In other words, they get a Torque Orthodontics smile with less time out of school and with greater comfort than ever before.